Logic Colloquia Archive

Current Logic Colloquium schedule.

Fall 2020

Date Speaker Title
11 Sep Sara Uckelman What Problem Did Ladd-Franklin (Think She) Solve(d)? Abstract | Video
2 Oct Lenore Blum What Can Theoretical Computer Science Contribute to the Discussion of Consciousness? Abstract | Video
9 Oct Sam Sanders Brouwer, Plato, and classification Abstract | Slides | Video
23 Oct Tyler Markkanen Computing Perfect Matchings in Graphs Abstract | Video
30 Oct Ethan Brauer, Øystein Linnebo, Stewart Shapiro Divergent potentialism: A modal analysis with an application to choice sequences Abstract | Video
13 Nov Sandra Villata Intermediate grammaticality Abstract | Video
4 Dec Nadine Theiler An Epistemic Bridge for Presupposition Projection in Questions

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Title
24 Jan David Ripley Core Type Theory Abstract | Video
7 Feb Eileen Nutting Ordering Anything: Rejiggering Linnebo’s Ordinal Abstraction Abstract | Video
21 Feb Éno Agolli Logical Nihilism Abstract
13 Mar Ehtibar Dzhafarov Contextual analysis, epistemic probabilities, and paradoxes POSTPONED due to COVID-19 Abstract
27 Mar Paul McNamara POSTPONED due to COVID-19 
10 Apr Tyler Markkanen POSTPONED due to COVID-19 
17 Apr Florian Steinberger POSTPONED due to COVID-19 
24 Apr Toby Meadows POSTPONED  due to COVID-19  C-ALPHA Exchange Speaker
1–3 May POSTPONED due to COVID-19  — Abstractionism 2 conference; keynote speaker: Crispin Wright; Call for Paper here.

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Title
13 Sep Ole T. Hjortland, Ben Martin Anti-Exceptionalism and Explanations in Logic Abstract | Video
27 Sep Luca Tranchini Proof-theoretic Harmony: intensional aspects from a second-order perspective Abstract | Video
4 Oct Ellen Lehet The Explanatory Value of Category Theory Abstract | Video
11 Oct Ethan Brauer A Modal Theory of Free Choice Sequences Abstract | Video
25 Oct Point of Interest: Philip A. Ebert speaks in the UConn History of Analytic Philosophy Workshop on Frege (1:30pm, HISR) Video
25 Oct Peter Pagin Indexicals, Time, and Compositionality Abstract | Video
1 Nov Chris Kennedy Annual Logic Lecture Video
7 Nov Point of Interest: Sean Morris speaks in the UConn History of Analytic Philosophy Workshop on Carnap and Quine (4:00pm, Manchester Hall 227)
8 Nov Pauline Jacobson Variable Free Semantics: Putting competition effects where they belong Abstract | Video
15 Nov Steven Dalglish How to Deal with Semantic Paradox (Hint: Accept Defeat) Abstract | Video
22 Nov Martin Pleitz A Dynamic Solution to the Liar Paradox Abstract

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Title
1 Feb Shay Logan Logic is Contractionless and Relevant, but Logic is (Accidentally) Contractionless and Relevant: An Introduction to Deep Fried Logic Abstract
29 Mar Benedict Eastaugh Recursive counterexamples and the foundational standpoint Abstract | Video
5 Apr Marianna Antonutti Marfori De Re and De Dicto Knowledge of Mathematical Statements Abstract
6-7 Apr UConn Logic Group workshop: "If" by any other name | Videos
12 Apr Branden Fitelson How to model the probabilities of conditionals Abstract | Video
26 Apr Adrian Brasoveanu Computational Cognitive Modeling for Syntax and Semantics Abstract
1 May Sara Negri A three-fold method for non-classical logics See Annual Logic Lecture for details. | Video
2 May Sara Negri Unveiling the constructive core of classical theories: A contribution to 90 years of Glivenko's theorem Abstract | Video

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Title
14 Sep Sandra María López Velasco Routley-Meyer relational semantics for some variants of Brady's 4-valued matrix Abstract
28 Sep Yael Sharvit Temporal reference in non-specific indefinites Abstract
12 Oct Sandra María López Velasco Routley-Meyer relational semantics for some variants of Brady's 4-valued matrix, part 2 Abstract
9 Nov Sabrina Ouazzani How to compute with an infinite time Turing machine? Abstract | Video
10–11 Nov Point of interest: Frege Workshop.
12 Nov Point of interest: Roy T. Cook (Minnesota) speaks on Indeterminacy and Intuitionistic Logic in the Philosophy Department.
16 Nov Andrew Tedder Residuals and Conjugates in Positive Substructural Logics Abstract
7 Dec Scott AnderBois At-issueness in direct quotation: the case of Mayan quotatives Abstract

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title
26 Jan Joshua Knobe Moral Disagreement and Moral Semantics Abstract | Video
2 Feb Thomas Ferguson The Strict-Tolerant Interpretation of the Weak Kleene Matrices Abstract
14 Feb Point of interest: Rochelle Gutiérrez speaks in the Mathematics Education Seminar. Poster.
16 Feb Andrew Tedder Saving Truth for Intuitionists Abstract | Video
23 Feb Reed Solomon Ultraproducts and saturation Abstract
2 Mar Maryanthe Malliaris Model theory and ultraproducts See Annual Logic Lecture for details.
23 Mar Craige Roberts Character assassination: de se semantics for indexicals Abstract | Video
30 Mar Greg Scontras The pragmatics of truth-value judgments C-ALPHA Exchange Speaker | Abstract
13 Apr Eric Carter Explanative interpretation in discursive context
18 Apr Point of interest: Greg Restall speaks in the Philosophy Department. More info.
27 Apr Joe Buffington The syntax and semantics of contractual offers Abstract | Video
18–20 May Point of interest: Society for Exact Philosophy Annual Meeting at UConn. Videos of keynote talks: Joan Rand Moschovakis | Elaine Landry | Craige Roberts

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title
8 Sep Jos Tellings Counterfactuality and causal structure Abstract | Video
21 Sep Point of interest: Natasha Dobrinen gives the Mathematics Department Colloquium, part of the UConn Special Semester in Logic.
22 Sep Jessica Rett Explaining 'EARLIEST' Abstract | Video
5 Oct Point of interest: Barbara Csima gives the Mathematics Department Colloquium, part of the UConn Special Semester in Logic.
6 Oct Emar Maier Eventive vs. Evidential Speech Reports Abstract
10 Oct Point of interest: Martin Davis gives University Public Lecture, part of the UConn Special Semester in Logic.
12 Oct Point of interest: Martin Davis gives the Mathematics Department Colloquium, part of the UConn Special Semester in Logic.
13 Oct Martin Davis Pragmatic Platonism Abstract
19 Oct Point of interest: Julia Knight gives the Mathematics Department Colloquium, part of the UConn Special Semester in Logic.
26 Oct Point of interest: Antonio Montalbán gives the Mathematics Department Colloquium, part of the UConn Special Semester in Logic.
27 Oct Erik Stei Rivalry between logics from a pluralist perspective Abstract
3 Nov Ed Mares Theories of Entailment Abstract
9 Nov Point of interest: Theodore Slaman gives the Mathematics Department Colloquium, part of the UConn Special Semester in Logic.
17 Nov Una Stojnić The Logic and Grammar of Prominence Abstract
17 Nov Point of interest: Janice Dowell gives Philosophy Department Colloquium (4pm, FS 216).

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title
27 Jan Stewart Shapiro Computing with numbers and other non-syntactic things: de re knowledge of abstract objects Abstract
10 Feb Shay Logan Noes and Nots Abstract
17 Feb Linda Brown Westrick Computable reducibility and the Baire hierarchy of functions Abstract
24 Feb Melissa Fusco Modality and Classical Logic Abstract
23–24 Mar Point of interest: IBACS Meet & Speak
24 Mar Sean Walsh Realizability Semantics for Quantified Modal Logic Abstract | C-ALPHA Exchange Speaker
29–30 Mar Point of interest: OSU/UConn Logic Group Workshop on Contextual Truth (at Ohio State University)
31 Mar Manfred Krifka Conditional Assertions in Commitment Space Semantics See Annual Logic Lecture for details
4–6 Apr Point of interest: UConn Logic Group/MCMP Conference
21 Apr Thomas Graf Fragments of First-Order Logic for Linguistic Structures Abstract
28 Apr Noah Schweber Generalizing Computability Theory Abstract

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
2 Sep Dan Lassiter Learning from and embedding probabilistic language Abstract | Video
9 Sep Paolo Santorio Reasoning and Consequence for Indicative Conditionals Abstract | Video
7 Oct UConn Logic Group Meet and Greet
21 Oct Jeff Hirst Counting uses of a theorem Abstract | Video
4 Nov Akihiro Kanamori Gödel vis-à-vis Russell: Logic and Set Theory Video
4 Nov Juliet Floyd Gödel vis-à-vis Russell: Philosophy Video
18 Nov Jeremy Heiss Why Did Geometers Stop Using Diagrams? C-ALPHA Exchange Speaker Abstract

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
12 Feb Point of interest: Matthias Aschenbrenner gives Department of Mathematics Colloquium
19 Feb Jacob Archambault The development of the distinction between formal and material consequence in medieval logic Abstract | Video
26 Feb Eric Astor Density, Intrinsic Density, and “Usually Solvable” Problems
4 Mar Parasara Duggirala Logic and Program Verification Abstract | Video
11 Mar Alberto Marcone The logic of the reverse mathematics zoo
22 Mar Tim Williamson Objective possibilities Abstract | Video
23 Mar Tim Williamson Alternative logics and abductive methodology Abstract | Video
24 Mar Tim Williamson What if the impossible happened? See Annual Logic Lecture for details. Video
1 Apr Norbert Gratzl Single Conclusions Rock, Take 2 Video
15 Apr Whit Tabor Stable, fractal-based processing of complex languages Abstract | video
22 Apr Jon Gajewski The representation of degree in American Sign Language Abstract
29 Apr Lenore Blum Turing and the Other Theory of Computing CANCELED
3 May Stewart Shapiro Epistemic modals and mathematics (joint work with Craige Roberts)
4 May Stewart Shapiro Neo-logicism, structuralism, and Frege’s applications constraint
23–26 May Point of interest: The Foundational Impact of Recursion Theory: In honor of Steve Simpson's 70th birthday
23–26 May Point of interest: 2016 ASL Annual North American Meeting

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title
18 Sep Christopher Porter Logical Approach to Randomness Abstract
16 Oct Chris Martens Proofs as stories
23 Oct Shay Logan Logic, Truth, and Logic Reading
3 Nov Point of interest: Joshua Schechter delivers UConn Humanities Institute Fellows’ Public Talk, "Small Steps and Great Leaps in Thought: The Epistemology of Basic Deductive Rules"
5 Nov Point of interest: Jc Beall delivers CLAS BOT Distinguished Professor Lecture, "How Truth and Logic Limit Knowledge"
6 Nov Bruno Whittle Size and Function Abstract
13 Nov Teresa Kouri A New (Linguistic) Approach to Logical Pluralism Abstract
4 Dec Peter Klecha On Unidirectionality in Precisification Abstract

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Title
23 Jan Justin Khoo Backtracking counterfactuals, revisited Abstract
6 Feb Francesca Boccuni Reference and Invariance in Abstraction Principles Abstract
13 Feb Andrew Parisi The Hypersequent Approach to Modal Logic Abstract
20 Feb Katalin Bimbo Relational semantics for logics with thin sets of connectives Abstract
27 Mar Ezra Cook Some Conditional (re)Solutions Abstract
3 Apr Stephen G. Simpson Potential versus actual infinity: insights from reverse mathematics See Annual Logic Lecture for details.
10 Apr Kai Wehmeier Modal Language and Truth C-ALPHA Exchange Speaker Abstract
17–19 Apr Point of interest: Truth Pluralism and Logical Pluralism Conference in Department of Philosophy
24 Apr Dorit Abusch Dynamic Semantics for Picture Sequences
30 Apr Stewart Shapiro Conceptions of the continuum
1 May Cleo Condoravdi Factual detachment and speaker endorsement Abstract
2-3 May UConn Logic Group Workshop: Going Heim. Linguistic Meaning Between Structure and Use.

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Title
5 Sep Damir Dzhafarov The Reverse Sorites
19 Sep Fenner Tanswell Informal Proofs and Formalisation Abstract
10 Oct Discussions about collaborative projects
17 Oct Fenner Tanswell Informal Proof and Mathematical Know-How Abstract
24 Oct Lucas Champollion The common core of distributivity, aspect, and measurement Abstract
7 Nov Ilaria Frana Epistemic biases in Polar Questions. The case of Italian "mica" Abstract
5 Dec Joel David Hamkins An introduction to the theory of infinite games, with examples from infinite chess Abstract

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title
31 Jan Dave Ripley Affine Logic
7 Feb Francesco Paoli Towards Multiset Consequence Relations
28 Feb Jill Anderson Law and Structural Semantic Ambiguity
14 Mar Stefan Kaufmann Conditionals, conditional probabilities, and conditionalization
28 Mar Chris Barker See Annual Logic Lecture for details.
11 Apr Johanna Franklin Approaches to randomness Abstract
10 Apr Point of interest: Denis Hirschfeldt gives Department of Mathematics Colloquium
14 Apr Point of interest: Denis Hirschfeldt speaks in CT Logic Seminar
24 Apr Point of interest: Stewart Shaprio and Gabriel Uzquiano speak on "Ineffability within the Limits of Abstraction" in Marcus Rossberg's Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar (9:30-12:30 in the Basement Lounge of Manchester Hall).
25 Apr Marcus Rossberg Abstractionism/Neologicism: Intro
26–27 Apr UConn Logic Group Workshop: Abstractionism/Neologicism

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Title
6 Sep Jc Beall Basics of LP set theory
27 Sep Point of interest: Paraconsistent Set Theory work group (Reading)
30 Sep Point of interest: Sam Baron talk in Philosophy (12:15-1:15pm, Manchester 227)
4 Oct Point of interest: Paraconsistent Set Theory work group
11 Oct Point of interest: Paraconsistent Set Theory work group
18 Oct Point of interest: Paraconsistent Set Theory work group
18-20 Oct Point of interest: The 44th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society
18 Oct Paul Égré Negating conditional sentences Abstract
25 Oct Shawn Standefer An extension of the revision theory of truth Abstract
25 Oct Point of interest: Joel David Hamkins talk in Mathematics
26-27 Oct Point of interest: Paraconsistent Set Theory workshop
1 Nov Carl Mummert The modal logic of Reverse Mathematics Abstract
8 Nov Jc Beall Law and logic: more utility for 4-valued logic
15 Nov Zach Weber The Sorites in Paraconsistent Mathematics Abstract
6 Dec Tamar Lando Modal Logic, measure algebras, and 'gunky' space Abstract

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Title
18 Jan Keith Simmons Paradox, Repetition and Revenge Abstract
19 Feb Point of interest: UConn's Marcus Rossberg featured in UConn Today.
22 Feb Reed Solomon Ramsey style theorems in combinatorics and subsystems of second order arithmetic
14 Mar Stewart Shapiro The classical continuum without points Abstract
15 Mar Stewart Shapiro See Annual Logic Lecture for details
29 Mar Igor Yanovich Weak necessity and negated deontics: a view from Russian Abstract
5 Apr Kate Davidson Conjunction and Disjunction in ASL Abstract
5 Apr Point of interest: John Burgess talk in the Philosophy Colloquium
25 Feb Point of interest: Panel Discussion on Truth with Michael Glanzberg, Jc Beall, and Michael Lynch
26 Apr Magdalena Kaufmann What to do if you don't know what to do Abstract | Paper

Fall 2012

Date Speaker Title
14 Sep Jc Beall Logic and Choices
21 Sep Bruno Whittle Incompleteness and the Limits of Mathematical Knowledge
9 Nov Lionel Shapiro Making Sense of (Some) Non-Contractive Solutions to Paradox
16 Nov Graham Priest Contraction and Confusion (rescheduled from 19 Oct)
30 Nov Stefan Kaufmann Strong and Weak Presupposition: German 'ja' under Quantifiers
7 Dec Sam Wheeler Modals and Conditional
11 Dec Point of interest: Cleo Condoravdi talk in Linguistics.

Spring 2012

Date Speaker Title
17 Feb Greg Restall Proof theory and its philosophy
21 Feb Greg Restall Assertion, Denial and Paraconsistent Theories
21 Feb Point of interest: David Marker talk in Mathematics
24 Feb Everyone Working Session on Philosophy of Maths Reading
24 Feb Point of interest: Branden Fitelson talk in Philosophy
1 Mar Point of interest: Jeremy Avigad talk in Mathematics
2 Mar Jeremy Avigad See Annual Logic Lecture for details
13 Apr Jan Reimann Definability and Randomness Abstract
20 Apr David Nicolas The Logic of Mass Expressions
27 Apr Richard Heck Truth and Consistency

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title
16 Sep Reed Solomon Reverse mathematics: an introduction
21 Oct Marcus Rossberg Non-conervativeness in higher-order logic
28 Oct Rick Nouwen Ignorance without disjunction? The implicatures of numeral modifiers Abstract
4 Nov Nilanjan Bhowmick That F is G: Defending Quantification Abstract
18 Nov Michael Hughes Formal Theories of Coherence: A Primer
30 Nov Gregory Lavers Carnap's Philosophy of Mathematics
9 Dec Matt Clemens Dependence and the iterative conception of set

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Title
11 Feb Damir Dzhafarov Mathematics and vagueness
18 Feb Asher Kach and Reed Solomon Towards computation in uncountable contexts: background
25 Feb Russell Miller Computation in uncountable contexts
25 Mar Point of interest: Zach Weber talk in Philosophy.
1 Apr Sam Wheeler Adjectives
8-10 Apr Point of interest: Pillars of Truth. Rides can be arranged. Contact Beall or Rossberg
15 Apr Zach Weber Paraconsistency
22 Apr Zach Weber Paraconsistency
29 Apr Jc Beall TBA

Fall 2010

Date Speaker Title
10 Sep Colin Caret TBA
17 Sep Lionel Shapiro Deflating Logical Consequence Reading | Handout
8 Oct Jon and Yael Linguistics prep talk Reading
15 Oct Tamina Stephenson Centered Worlds and Subjective Experience in Natural Language Semantics Abstract
29 Oct Angelika Kratzer See Annual Logic Lecture for details
5 Nov Roy Cook Mathematics of Abstraction Reading
5 Nov Point of interest: Roy Cook talk in Philosophy
12 Nov Patrick Greenough TBA
10 Dec Everybody! End of year meeting

Spring 2010

Date Speaker Title
29 Jan Scott Lehmann Classical (Ch 1)
12 Feb Jc Beall and Michael Hughes Temporal (Ch 2)
26 Feb Ofra Magidor Strict finitism and the happy sorites
26 Feb Point of interest: Josh Schechter talk in Philosophy
5 Mar Matt Clemens and Doug Owings Modal (Ch 3)
19 Mar Sam Wheeler Conditional (Ch 4)
2 Apr Michael Glanzberg See Annual Logic Lecture for details.
Special Session: 9 Apr Patrick Greenough discussion of various topics (e.g., indeterminacy)
16 Apr Jc Beall Relevance/relevant/relevantistic (Ch 5)
23 Apr Point of interest: Agustin Rayo talk in Philosophy
30 Apr Marcus Rossberg Intuitionistic (Ch 6)
30 Apr Everybody! End of year 'party'

Fall 2009

Date Speaker Title
11 Sep Jon Gajewski Negation -- linguistic, philosophical, logical perspectives Handout
18 Sep Point of interest: Graham Priest talk in Philosophy
25 Sep Yael Sharvit Negation Handout
9 Oct I-Ta Chris Hsieh NPIs Handout
23 Oct Zoltan Gendler Szabo Infinitary Tasks
13 Nov Sam Wheeler Davidsonian truth and the sorites combined Reading
4 Dec Lyn Tieu and William Snyder Grammatical Conservatism in the Acquisition of Semantics

Spring 2009

Date Speaker Title
30 Jan Greg Restall Normative Inferentialist Modal Logic: from pragmatics to two-dimensional semantics. Reading 1 | Reading 2
13 Feb Yael Sharvit Acceptable Cases of Unacceptable Coreference
27 Feb Jon Gajewski L-triviality and Grammar Reading
20 Mar Scott Lehmann On Diagonalization Reading
3 Apr Colin Caret Bridging the Modal/Relevant Divide
10 Apr Bob Milnikel An Introduction to Justification Logic Reading 1 | Reading 2
17 Apr Whit Tabor Iterated Map Dynamical Systems and the Relationship between Symbolic and Subsymbolic Computation Reading

Fall 2008

Date Speaker Title
5 Sep Colin Caret Lukasiewiczω propositional language Reading
19 Sep Colin Caret Lukasiewiczω first-order language Reading | Minutes
3 Oct Reed Solomon Computable model theory Reading Minutes
10 Oct Wesley Calvert Metric structures and probabilistic computation
24 Oct Philippe Schlenker Eliminating Self-Reference Abstract | Reading 1 (technical) | Reading 2 (less technical)
31 Oct Point of interest: Alan Hajek talk in Philosophy
21 Nov Truth theory in Lukasiewiczω and ω-inconsistent arithmetic Reading | Minutes
5 Dec Truth theory in Lukasiewiczω and inconsistency in general Reading | Minutes