The University of Connecticut has long enjoyed an active research profile in logic. In 2008, the UConn Group in Philosophical and Mathematical Logic was founded as a trans-disciplinary grass-roots initiative between logicians in mathematics, philosophy, and linguistics.

The UConn Logic Group is now an active interdisciplinary research center, with over forty faculty and graduate student members from mathematics, philosophy, linguistics, psychology, and law.

The UConn Logic Group was founded by Jc Beall and Reed Solomon.


Marcus Rossberg, Director. Email: marcus.rossberg@uconn.edu.

Damir Dzhafarov, Associate Director for Mathematics. Email: damir@math.uconn.edu.

Magdalena Kaufmann, Associate Director for Linguistics. Email: magdalena.kaufmann@uconn.edu.

Dave Ripley, Associate Director for Philosophy. Email: davewripley@gmail.com.


If you require accommodations to participate in any Logic Group event, please contact us, ideally at least five days in advance.