Logic Colloquium

Fall 2021

Archive of past Logic Colloquia.
Talks will be held in a hybrid format (some online only, some in person as well as streaming online) in Fall 2021. For information, please email logic@uconn.edu.

Date Spacetime Speaker Title
10 Sept 2:30 pm Zoom Rashed Ahmad A Recipe for Paradox (A Better Schema than the Inclosure Schema) abstract | video
1 Oct 2:30 pm ITE 336 Dilip Ninan An Expressivist Theory of Taste Predicates abstract | handout | video
14–15 Oct Point of interest: Logic Supergroup Early Career Researcher workshop, co-organized by the UConn Logic Group,
featuring a talk by our very own Rashed Ahmad!
3 Nov Point of interest: Shay Logan & Marcus Rossberg give a Philosophy Brown Bag on A Fine Semantics for Relevant Second-Order Logic at 12:15 pm
5 Nov 2:30 pm Zoom Sarah Murray tba
12 Nov 2:30 pm Zoom Richard Zach tba
19 Nov 10 am Zoom Julien Murzi tba
3 Dec 2:30 pm Zoom Damian Szmuc tba
3 Dec Point of interest: former Logic Group member Kathryn Davidson is giving a talk in the UConn Linguistics Colloquium at 4:00 pm
10 Dec 2:30 pm Zoom Salvatore Florio Stewart Shapiro Eric Snyder Definitional equivalence and plural logic