Name Affiliation Research interests Contact
Jill Anderson Associate Professor of Law and William T. Golden Scholar Linguistics in statutory interpretation WWW
Parasara Sridhar Duggirala Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Formal methods, cyber-physical systems, control theory, numerical methods, and decision procedures WWW
Damir D. Dzhafarov Assistant Professor of Mathematics Reverse mathematics and computability theory WWW
Jon Gajewski Associate Professor of Linguistics Formal semantics, syntax-semantics interface WWW
Magdalena Kaufmann Associate Professor of Linguistics Modality, Attitude Ascriptions WWW
Stefan Kaufmann Associate Professor of Linguistics Interactions between modality, temporality, and uncertainty WWW
Scott Lehmann Professor Emeritus of Philosophy Free logic, classical modal logics, philosophy of logic and mathematics WWW
Manuel Lerman Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Classical logic, recursion theory, degress of unsolvability WWW
Michael P. Lynch Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Humanities Institute Truth, Rationality, epistemology, philosophy of language and logic WWW
Marcus Rossberg Associate Professor of Philosophy, Director of the UConn Logic Group Logic, philosophy of logic, mathematics and language; in particular, higher-order logic, proof-theoretic semantics WWW
Lionel Shapiro Associate Professor of Philosophy Non-classical approaches to paradox, truth theories, philosophy of logic WWW
Stewart Shapiro Distinguished Visiting Professor of Philosophy Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language WWW
Keith Simmons Professor of Philosophy Truth, paradoxes, logic, history and philosophy of logic
William B. Snyder Associate Professor of Linguistics Child language acquisition (syntax, morphology, semantics), comparative syntax and morphology, syntax-semantics interface WWW
Reed Solomon Associate Professor of Mathematics Computability theory, especially its applications to algebra and combinatorics, computable model theory, reverse mathematics WWW
Whitney Tabor Associate Professor of Psychology Change in structured systems, connectionist (neural) networks, language change WWW
John Troyer Professor Emeritus of Philosophy Conditionals, philosophy of language and logic WWW
Stephen Utz Professor of Law The logical analysis of legal rules and principles, the logic of legal inference, the logic of imperatives. Statistical inference and inductive logic WWW
Samuel Wheeler III Professor Emeritus of Philosophy Sorites, formal semantics, philosophy of language, Davidsonian metaphysics WWW

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Affiliation Research interests Contact
Eric Astor Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematics Research Interests: WWW
Eric Guindon Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy Semantic paradoxes, vagueness, and metasemantics
Andrew Parisi Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy Modal Logic, foundations of mathematics, and philosophy of logic and mathematics
Jos Tellings Postdoctoral fellow in Linguistics Semantics, pragmatics, relations between mathematics and linguistics WWW
Linda Brown Westrick Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematics Computability theory and effective descriptive set theory, especially for their applications to classical analysis, symbolic dynamics and chaos WWW

Graduate Students

Name Affiliation Research interests Contact
Rashed Ahmad Graduate Student in Philosophy Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Math, Philosophy of Language, Truth WWW
Richard Anderson Graduate student in Philosophy Philosophical logics, non-classical truth theories, inferentialism
Jared Henderson Graduate Student in Philosophy Philosophy of language, formal semantics, metaphysics, and philosophical logic
Mengyu Hu Graduate Student in Philosophy Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics.
Noah Hughes Graduate student in Mathematics Reverse Mathematics WWW
Ken Ito Graduate student in Philosophy Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Truth
Robin Jenkins Graduate student in Philosophy Proof theory, axiomatic truth theories, non-classical logics, philosophies of mathematics and logic
Abolfazi Karimi Graduate student in Mathematics Research Interests:
Nathan Kellen Graduate student in Philosophy Philosophy of logic, non-classical logics (esp. intuitionistic/intermediate logics), philosophy of maths
Joseph Lurie Graduate student in Philosophy Non-normal justification logics, Artemov’s logic of proofs, philosophy of logic and mathematics WWW
Teruyuki Mizuno Graduate student in Linguistics
Gabriel Martinez Vera Graduate student in Linguistics Semantics, Morphosyntax, Amerindian Languages
David Nichols Graduate student in Mathematics nonstandard models, non-classical logic, notions of inference, applications of logic to mathematics WWW
Jordan Ochs Graduate student in Philosophy Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Truth, Logic
Emily Pierce Graduate student in Philosophy Research Interests:Philosophy of Language, Logic, Epistemology
David Pruitt Graduate student in Philosophy Philosophy of logic, philosophy of mathematics, non-classical logic
Peter Shewmaker Graduate student in Mathematics
Yuta Tatsumi Graduate student in Linguistics
Muyi Yang Graduate student in Linguistics Formal Semantics, Philosophy of Language

Former Faculty, Postdocs, and Students

  • Mayank Bora
  • Austen Clark
  • Matt Clemens
  • Aaron Cotnoir
  • I-Ta Chris Hsieh
  • Rasa Davidaviciute
  • Kathryn Davidson
  • Stephen Flood
  • Johanna Franklin
  • Madiha Hamdi
  • Bob Heffernan
  • Michael Hughes
  • Matt Jura
  • Asher Kach
  • Peter Klecha
  • Oscar Levin
  • Shay Logan
  • Samantha Lowe
  • Tyler Markkanen
  • Colin McCullough-Benner
  • Marie Nicholson
  • Doug Owings
  • Dave Ripley
  • Yael Sharvit
  • Paul Simard Smith
  • Benjamin Sparkes
  • Rachel Stahl
  • Andrew Tedder
  • Morgan Thomas
  • Lyn Tieu
  • Henry Towsner
  • Amy Turlington
  • Ross Vandegrift
  • Hong-guang Wang
  • Ting Xu