Graduate Certificate in Logic


The Graduate Certificate in Logic provides students in linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, and related areas such as cognitive science and computer science with a comprehensive training in logic and formal methods, for use in their future careers in both academia and industry.

The program is interdisciplinary by design, with enrolled students taking courses in multiple departments, and attending the bi-weekly inter-departmental Logic Colloquium.

Students have access to the full offering of logic courses and seminars offered each semester by the faculty of the UConn Logic Group, and all are encouraged to participate in the numerous special activities the Logic Group organizes, such as the Annual Logic Lecture, and the various logic conferences hosted in Storrs each year.


Logic is a multifaceted subject that connects many disciplines.

The certificate facilitates advanced studies in a variety of topics, including: mathematical logic; the theory of computation; formal semantics; natural-language reasoning; vagueness, probability, and contradiction; and the application of logic and formal methods to law and cognitive science.

Administered through the UConn Logic Group, which is an internationally recognized center of logic research excellence, the certificate will provide students with a broad and comprehensive background in the subject, with a specific focus on interdisciplinary applications.


Anyone enrolled in, or accepted into, a graduate degree program at UConn is eligible to apply for admission to the certificate program as an additional qualification, provided they will not have received their degree prior to the start of the certificate program.


All students enrolled in the certificate program are expected to be active members of the UConn Logic Group.

Required Course: All students are required to take a 1-credit, one-semester independent study with a Certificate Director, which includes participation in the Logic Colloquium.

Elective Courses: Four courses from among our Group's regular course offerings.

At least two of the completed courses must be from different departments.

Courses not listed above may be substituted on a case-by-case basis by approval of Certificate Directors.

Total credit requirement: 12.

Timing: A student must complete all requirements for the certificate within three years of initial enrollment.


All applicants enrolled in a graduate program at UConn at the time of application are eligible to have their application fee waived. Please email the Graduate School to obtain a waiver prior to completing your application.

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For additional information about the program, or if you have any questions about your application, please contact the Certificate Directors.