Workshop “Abstractionism / Neologicism”

Neologicism pursues Frege’s goal of finding a logical foundation for arithmetic by replacing his famously inconsistent Basic Law V with different resources: so-called abstraction principles, understood as implicit definitions. Since the 1983 publication of Crispin Wright’s Frege’s Conception of Numbers as Objects, the literature developing and criticizing this program has exploded. The 2014 UConn Logic Workshop will pursue current work on this project.


Location: Laurel Hall 201

Date: April 26-27, 2014

Keynote: Crispin Wright (NIP Aberdeen, NYU)

Confirmed Speakers:

Full program (PDF).


If you are interested in attending, please e-mail Marcus Rossberg.

Registration Deadline:: April 21, 2014

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  • interest in session chairing;
  • interest in participating in the conference dinner at Chang’s Garden;
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The dinner will be at personal expense. The T-shirts will be available for a small fee.

Registration is free, but cannot be confirmed if not received by the registration deadline.


The UConn Logic Group gratefully acknowledges the financial support for the workshop by the Brain Science Research Initiative, the UConn Philosophy Department, and the UConn Humanities Institute.